5 Questions

5 Questions with Dr Sally…

• What do you like about people’s reactions to their treatments?
Everyone wants to look the best they can regardless of their age. I love my clients’ reaction after a treatment as they see a beautiful transformation before their eyes. Everyone says they look like a fresher, younger version of themselves! I want to help you look fresher, not fake. I pride myself on a subtle yet effective rejuvenation and enjoy the reactions I see from clients day to day.

• What’s the best part about working in aesthetics?

I feel aesthetics is what I was born to do! I love my job and the different challenges it brings every day. Working in aesthetics gives me a chance to combine both my scientific brain and artistic skills to create the best outcome possible. Here at BelleVisage, we really do make a difference to people’s lives. Those small lines we see are a big burden to some clients and I really enjoy watching their reactions and make them feel better about themselves.

• What’s your favourite treatment to do and why?

There are so many treatments I enjoy but the full non-surgical face-lifts, or ‘Visage lifts’ and tear trough treatments have got to be my favourites. They allow me to apply the whole scope of my aesthetic skills and use my artistic side to create a fresher, invigorated look.

• Any particular customer stories that you’d like to share?

Some of my clients have been in tears of joy after treatment! These clients have had a huge impact on me and how important the work I do is to make people feel better about themselves.

• What makes Belle Visage different from your perspective as a Doctor?

I love working on a one-to-one basis with my clients with no time constraints, it is so different from all the other jobs I’ve worked in as a Doctor! I take a holistic and safe approach to treatments and give a very personal touch, clients only deal with me and I never pressurise anyone into treatments.