As they say, “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Your eyes say so much about you, however, the skin around them can say so much more – that’s why it’s important to keep it looking refreshed and healthy to prevent a tired and weary appearance.

Beautiful Eyes

Using my experience and skill, I will look not only at specific lines and hollows, but at your overall face, that way, I can make sure the small changes I make maintain the perfect balance and an overall natural look so you will feel happier every time you see yourself in the mirror.


Crow’s Feet

The eyes are a person’s most important feature but their ability to be the highlight of your face can be diminished by fine lines and wrinkles which can form at the side of the eyes known as Crow’s Feet. By the clever use of Botox® and dermal fillers these can be diminished restoring a more youthful appearance.


Tear Troughs

The hollowness which forms underneath the eyes can seem dark and give a permanently “tired” look to your face, these can be skilfully diminished by the careful placement of dermal filler injections which restore the volume loss to give a brighter appearance.

Beautiful Eyes & Eyebrows


Temple Hollows

This treatment of carefully placed injections of dermal filler is designed to smooth out the dips that can form in the temple area which opens out the eye area.


Non-Surgical Brow Lift

The eyebrows are your most expressive feature and eyebrow drooping can overshadow the eyes giving a heavy and tired look. This simple treatment will open up the whole eye area and can give you back a youthful arch.